Frequently asked Questions

Why get external rendering?

There are obvious reasons to ensure that you have good rendering.
These include Weather Proofing, Improving the appearance of your property or making good old work that has suffered damage or just deteriorated.

If done properly and with the correct materials, having your property newly rendered can give it a completely new lease of life.

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Do I need Rendering?

Well that is a question. Do you need that new suit or new dress? Do you really want to spend your hard earned money on that new fancy sports car or family 4×4? Do you really want to make your lovely home stand out from the rest whilst increasing your value and protecting your assets?

Of course you do, that is what your money is for. You only get one life so try and live it to the full.

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How Does Rendering Work?

The rendering process is quite straight forward.

  • You ensure that your surfaces are reasonably level by removing any protruding areas.
    Variations in depth of the structure are not really a problem as the base coat will level them out.
  • Then you outline the area with rendering beads. These define the corners of your property and provide a border for the base coat. In order to give the perfect finish, these beads outline the area to be rendered. They should all be level and join together at the corners.
  • A base coat is then applied and a mesh is integrated into the base coat to give it the bonding strength which inevitably gives it a lasting quality. Having ensured that the base coat has ironed out any uneven areas and covered any unsightly points the Silicon based Top coat can be applied.
  • The silicon based top coat goes on quite wet and on large areas is applied by a special machine. One of the Renderers feeds a mixture of render and acrylic solution into the machine which mixes it up and feeds it through large hoses literally spraying it onto the surfaces.
  • The next day a team of guys will rub down the surfaces with special flattening tools giving a beautiful even finish.

Furthermore these renders can also come with a colour of your choice already in the mix so you wont have to worry about the cost of painting your new render as it will already be done.

And not only will it be beautiful and fresh but it will also be washable with a jet wash and very easy to maintain.

What areas do you cover?

Most of our work currently covers all areas in London, Essex, Middlesex and Hertfordshire. However, we are happy to travel for larger projects.

Please contact us for more information.

When are you available to give me a quote? | We appreciate that you may not always be available during the day. To make things easier for you we are therefore available most evenings and weekends to view jobs in order to give you your quote.

How can I organise a quote? | Organising a quote is simple. Just fill in our online form and we will do the rest! Or, if you prefer, you can call us directly on 020 3652 3289