Weber Rendering System

Weber Monocouche

Weber have 20 years of investment and development of ‘through coloured render systems’ and their applications.
This means that Monocouche Render Systems are firmly placed to lead the external finishes market.

They are also constantly evolving and adapting as new products and systems are required.
And they are also at the cutting edge of material and render system development.

Their armoury now Comprises of 6 standard colours and 18 special colours.
Weber also has a wide range of modern Monocouche renders available in addition to other decorative finishes.

WeberPral M Render

Weberpral M is a One coat, cementitious and self-coloured monocouche render mix.
It is suitable for most types of brick or blockwork and is used to achieve a roughcast finish.

Also Available in 24 colours.

Weber Pral M

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Weber Pral MF Render

Weber pral MF a through-colour, one coat fine textured render which will achieve a smoother and also more contemporary modern aesthetic.

Available in 4 key colours.

Weber Pral MF

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Weber Therm M1

Weber Therm M1 is a one-coat, through-coloured mineral render. It is designed for use with the webertherm XP External Wall Insulation system.

Also available in 23 colours.

Weber Pral M1

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Weber Mineral TF Render

WeberMineral TF  is a thin coat decorative finish.
It is through-coloured, cementitious and even textured. It is used with multi-coat render systems.

Available in 4 Colours.

Weber mineral TF

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Cullamix Tyrolean Render

Cullamix Tyrolean is a coloured decorative render applied onto a base coat.
This render provides an open honeycomb textured Tyrolean Render finish.

Available in 6 colours.

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Flexi Rend High Build Render

Flexirend Highbuild is a decorative and protective resin based surface coating. You can use it in the application to exterior and also interior surfaces.

Also available in 6 colours.

Flexirend Highbuild Ivory

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Weberend RB Render

Weberend RB is the combination of Weberend RBB and also Weberend RBF.
As a result they create a brick-effect finish.

Available in 4 base colours and 7 face colours.

Weber Georgian Red RB

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Weber Therm XB

You can use Weberend Brick Pointing Mortar and Weber Brick Slips with the webertherm XB Insulation system.

10 brick slip colours and also 1 mortar joint colour.

Weber Therm RB

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One Coat Dash

Weberend one coat dash is a one coat render that can receive a dry dash finish without the need for a second coat.

3 key colours combined with decorative aggregate.

Weberend One Coat Dash

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